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Everyone faces difficulties in life that cause great worry and stress, and at times threaten our life happiness. Bouncing back is sometimes easier said than done. Lingering distress is not uncommon. Increasing levels of depression, anxiety and despair are signs many are struggling.

Bouncing Back with CHANGES was written by psychologist Tony Vickers-Willis. Shocked by the suicide of his close friend, Tony spent seven years researching how we can bounce back from the personal tragedies that are inevitably thrown at us all during life. Tony shares the wisdoms this research uncovered, including an inspiring true Australian story, and recommends changes we can adopt to fight lingering depression, anxiety and the increasing stresses of daily living. A book of natural solutions for today's human problems; a book of hope and ideas to encourage survivors. A wonderful caring gift to pass onto family and friends.

Bouncing Back can be purchased by mail order directly (see below) or, and ordered through good book stores in Australia. The RRP is A$23.95.

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Wholesale orders for psychologists, other counsellors and retail shops can also be arranged. Send your request by email or phone 0417 145543 or write to PO Box 2715, Cheltenham, 3192, Victoria, Australia..

Title: Bouncing Back with CHANGES
Publisher: Neway Phoenix Publications
Published: 2010, Melbourne
ISBN: 978-0-646-52007-0
Pages: 144
Typesetting & Design: Les Thomas
Proudly Printed in Australia by BPA Australia


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